Raced the Rain…

We’d raced the rain, see who wins!!!

The rain always started fast, and it’d, ended, way too soon, before the world quenched its, dried-up thirst.  Raced the rain, we had, when we were young and were still able to, dream big, but then, life kicked in, and, we’d gotten, bogged down, by the day-to-day living, the ordinariness of it all…

raced the rain 的圖片結果…not my photograph.

Raced the rain, wish I can now, but, I can’t, I’d, lost that childish innocence now, gotten lost, in the tramples of nine to five, stopped dreaming, because of reality’s demands.  Raced the rain, those, were the days, of our innocence that’s, gone away now.

Raced the rain, I had, and, a couple of times, the rain had, let me win (it’d won, most of the times we’d raced!!!), because it’d realized, that if it’d not allowed me to win time to time, then, I would, stop, racing with it, leaving it, without my companionship, and the rain, it’d, wanted my, companionship…………

…not my photo still.

Raced the rain, I wish I could now, I wish I could, like before, just, walk out in the pouring rain without my umbrella (‘cuz I’d forgot about it???), but now, for precaution’s sake, I’d always, had that umbrella, in case it starts to rain again.

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