My Resignation Letter to Love

Because, this is a sort of a like a “business” letter, let’s be the least personal here, shall we???

To Whom It May Concern (as that’s the way we should start all of these letters???):

I resign, from love, because after being in so many fruitless, painful loves, I’d finally, HAD it, it’s not you, it’s me (Where have we all heard that before, huh???).  This “thing” called “love”, it’s just not, well-suited for me, and, I feel, that if we, stay in this so-called love, we will end up, putting ourselves in MORE miseries.

not my “for sale” ad…

So yeah, I resign, from love.

Resignation letter to love, it is, a Dear John, isn’t it???  Except, it’s less personal, with a whole lot less anger, resentment, as well as the assortment of those emotions you’d already, invested into the relationships you were once in, but are now, out of.

Resignation letter to love, I hereby, RESIGN, I don’t want your love anymore, I’m on the look out, for a better man, than Y-O-U, and besides, you’d, used and abused me, so, why the HELL, would I, keep myself, locked up, in this so-called L-O-V-E you’d, forced upon me???  Exactly.

not my photo still…

So yeah, I’m O-U-T!

And, don’t be stupid, and put your REAL address on that “envelope” you’re sending this letter out in, because unless you want your LOSER boyfriends (no, still did NOT just get DUMPED here either, ‘k???) to track you down.

And, let’s, move on………to, bigger, better things in life, ‘cuz, who needs love, right???

the developments of falling out of love here…


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