Tears that Shattered, All Broken Up, on the Floors, a Poems


We All Hid Behind Reality

And Waited for the Moment that Fate Had Spaced Out

To Steal Away that Excitement of the Instances

Without Realizing, that It’d Turned Its Back Around, and Caught Us in the Act

And, We’d Gotten, So Shocked

tears scattered on the floor 的圖片結果not my photo…

Into Becoming the Criminals of Love, Caught-in-the-Act

The Severely Damaged Love Only Had

The Final Dose of Vows

Keeping that Dying Breath Intact

I’d Rushed to the Bedside

Making Myself into the Softest of All Clouds

not my photo…

So You Can, Lie Down with Ease

Into that Arm of No Regrets

To Heal You Up, from the Wounds of Desperation and Not Letting Go

Along with the On and Off Instances of Regret

I’m Willing to, Sacrifice Myself in the Destructions

To Release Every Drop of My Blood

For a Light

To Bring that Tangled Shadow into the Brightness of Day

Making You Appear, Making Myself Seen Too

not my photo still…

Our Tears, Started, Slipping and Falling

Onto the Rules and Regulations that were, Thin-as-Ice

Fearlessly, Broken, Shattered, All Over the Floors

So, despite knowing how love will end, you’re still, willing to give everything you have to love, knowing, that the love you’d given to, may end up, hurting you, well, that’s either, very stupid, or very passionate, what, do you think it is?  I think it’s stupid, to give your selves to someone so fully and completely, that you’d lost your selves completely in the relationship, but hey, that’s just my interpretations, based off of my own life experiences, and some of you may have a difference of opinion on this…


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