The Suicide Pact with the World, a Poem

and this, is what it feels like…


The Sword of Fate, Stained with the Blood from Fears

Etched, Only, with the Wings of Song

Can it Reached, the Status of Legendary

The Waves of Mockery Started Pushing the Sounding of the Horns on the Ships

The Paddles of Outrageousness Beat Out that Messed-Up Tempo and Rhythm

not my art…

We Then, Raised Up that Banner of Ambiguity

Sailed, into the Black Whirlpool

Is Hatred Really, Hatred

Or, is it, to Help Love Ferment?

It’d Masked Itself Up into Those Innocent Eyes

Misleading Me, into Believing, that it Was, the Romantic Stars that Shone from Up Above

Is Love Really Love

Or, is it, the Start of Hate?

It’d, Kneeled, with its Weaknesses, Before the Steps

not my pillow…

And, I’d, Finally Understood

That Love, is NOT as Legendary as They’d Told Me

And, the Paddles Can No Longer Force the

Words that the Waves Hid, at the Bottoms of the Oceans Anymore

Leaving Only the Wind, Laughing

I’d Needed, a Super-Strength Aphrodisiac

To Kill Myself, as the World, Dies Beside Me

This would be, kinda extreme, wouldn’t you think?  Just because you lost the love, and were mocked by the world for it, that still doesn’t mean, that love is all you need, you can still find your selves, without love, plus, love is only, a process, NOT the “end product” in life, and, we will all, go through many experiences of love as we live, and some works out, some don’t, it’s just the way life goes……so, there’s, really NO need, to be this rash about it, you know???


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