The Anger that Accompanies Loneliness…

The Anger that Accompanied Loneliness

This is me, in a, miniature, “meditation session”, putting on a persona………

I feel, oh so lonely, that nobody ever gives, a damn about me, they all just, left me, inside, this darkened hole, in my own mind, left me, to my own, demise.this, is the loneliness that hurt…

And, as I’d become, trapped, inside this loneliness, I’d, fought, real hard, to break free from it, but, I was, so powerless, so incapable of, breaking free from it, and, I’d, sat my butt down, and refused, to move (kinda like how those terrible twos would throw those world-famous temper tantrums???).

the hurt then, advances into despair…

The anger that accompanied loneliness, you do see, how sometimes (not always!!!) these two go together, don’t you?  You get mad, because nobody plays or talks to you, because you felt, left out, of everybody else’s games?  You feel lonely, and you don’t know, how to reach out, to ask for help, so, you just, bottled everything up, and, became angry.

So, is it, the loneliness, that causes the anger, or the anger that’s making you, lonelier and lonelier, and, is there a way, to see, which one is actually, the cause of the other?

 and finally, despair,  becomes ANGER…

despair becomes anger 的圖片結果

………the final “stage” of this, evolution of emotions!!!


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