The Sonata of Time, a Poem

Written by a last year high school student, translated…

In My Dream, I’d, Arrived onto that Unpopulated Coastline

A Lot of the Names Gone with the Wind Had Been, Carved onto the Agate Stones There

Washed by the Waves, Eroded

not my photo…

A Condensed Patch of Memories, Then, Was, Weaved, at the Bottommost Layer of the Ocean Floors

I Gazed Up Toward the Heavens in the Midst of the Tides

Thinking about that Altitude, Without the Ever-Changing States of Weathers

The Wind Was, Almost, Standing Still

But There Was, the Traces of Waving Goodbye in the Air

The Thoughts Became Parallel to the Waves Now

Passed Through the Eroded Doors without the Signs of the Ocean

not my photo here…

In the Moment Before the Waves Cracked Open and Fall Apart

Ran Parallel to the Buoyancy and Resistance

I Thought About How the Stars Had Already, Broke Through, to the Next Time Zone

And Yet, the Light is, Still Here

The Surfaces of the Oceans Twinkled on with the Flattened Surfaces of the Piano Keys

The Time Wrote an Unknown Name, Written on Time

Bending Over, Picking Up a Shell

The Swirl Print on It, Led Back to the Starting Point of the Waves’ Beginnings

So, this, is an experience at the beach, and, the poet’s feelings, state of mind at the time when s/he went to the beach showed the changes in the storyline of this poem.  There’s this sense of calm, a sense of resolution, closure in this…

not my photograph…


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