Having a Cat


On the way to the restaurant with the family, a small black cat came out, abruptly, it was, surprised by my car, retreated, back, to the side of the road again.  I too, was scared by its dangerous movements, and exclaimed, “Kiki!”, and this time, my wife and my daughter became, stunned, why did I call the cat, “Kiki”?

pet cats 的圖片結果they’re still very cute when they are still kittens, aren’t they???

Kiki was a cat we had for nineteen years that died just last month.  But up until now, as I see cats running free on the streets, I’d still, called out her name.  After Kiki died, we’d had difficulties, adjusting whenever we arrived home, because there’s no cat, meowing by the door, welcoming us home now.  And, as I sat on the couch reading the papers, I’d still, habitually, extended my right arm to pat her, but now, I will never, feel that soft, velvety head of hers.

My wife was even more weird, she said she’d heard Kiki in the living room, scratching in her litter box in the middle of the nights; or that she was by our bed, trying to jump up, but falling down onto the floors.  This caused her to not sleep one bit that night.

As our animal companion for nineteen years passed away, there would, be these, side effects.  But when my daughter asked us, “Shall we have another cat?”, we’d both shaken our heads.  Perhaps, it’s like how men served their service terms, afterwards, there would be memorable moments, but if asking the men they wanted to serve again, nine out of ten wouldn’t.

even as they get older, they are still, quite cute…

Naturally, days without Kiki are, much more relaxed, no need to clean the litter box, or sweep up the furs she’d shed off, nor would we need to take her to the salon once every two weeks.  Nineteen years ago, my youngest bugged us about getting a cat, and then, all of these stressing things are, ours to handle.  And now, we may not have, another nineteen years in us, to take care of a cat until it gets old again.

Plus, after we retired, our household economics were, affected, if we wanted to have another cat, we’d needed to consider the economic outcomes, for instance, canned foods, cat treats, kitty litter, even seeing the vet.  Back then, we’d spent three, to four thousand dollars a month, like having taking care of half a car.  Plus, if we keep a cat, and we wanted to travel, we’d needed to take it to the hotels, and costs are still not the biggest concerns, we’d also needed to worry if it’s having adjustment difficulties; and on nights when we go out, we won’t dare stay out too late, fearing that it may starve, and seeing us home again, the cat would, purred angrily.  There are, psychological strains to having a cat too!

and as they aged…

the appearance still doesn’t change much at all…

Without the cat, the environment became cleaner, no longer would we need to worry if we’d inhaled some of her thin strands of cat hair into our lungs now………

Those days with Kiki, there are moments of happiness, moments of healing, but, we’re both, older, we’d needed to, face up to the realities now.  The days with a cat, we’d taken good care of it, shared an amazing affinity with our cat, and, we can’t be certain, we’ll take good care of another cat, there’s no need, to force ourselves, to have another cat again.

So, this, is extending from losing a beloved pet, to aging, and, you’re right, now that you’re older, you may not have as much energies, to play, to take your pet out to walk and such, so, it is, probably, for the best, that you don’t have another animal, after all, having a pet means, providing everything for it, the way you would, love your own young, and now, you’re unsure if you can, so, it’s probably for the best, that you don’t get another pet again.


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