Setting Up a Café for His Own Dreams, He’s Now, Helping Others Fulfill Their Dreams Now Too

From the Newspapers, translated…

There are, over forty coffee shops within a kilometer radius from the Keelung Train Stations, Si-Jing Lien quitted the designs engineering job that everybody wanted to have and keep, returned to Keelung last year, and, entered into the warzones, and opened up the Ruth C. Café, fulfilled his own dreams of entrepreneurship, he’d also, enjoyed helping others to dream, and to make their dreams come true too, and when a small band asked to play at his shop, he’d said yes immediately.

Lien’s shop is in an alley away from the busier streets, without someone leading the way, the tourists can easily overlook it, the shop was set up with that comfy feel to it, and the coffee beans were baked by Lien himself, he’d poured his heart and soul into making the cups of coffee he served, and sitting down, taking sips slowly, is truly, an amazing thing of life.

the man with a cup of coffee he made, photo courtesy of the UDN Papers…

He, and most locals from Keelung are the same, after high school, gone off, out of his hometown to study and work, he’d gone out early in the morns, returned after dark, and his impressions of Keelung was, some place he slept, without much emotional ties to his hometown.

Lien said, he was an organization structure designs engineer from before, he’d needed to change his drawing every single day, that it was, trying for him, and it wasn’t what he enjoyed doing either, he’d loved drinking coffee, “so, why not just, make coffees instead!”, he’d gone all in, started working at the famous chain coffee shops, and asked to be transferred to the various counties, to gain experiences on how to start a coffee shop on his own, and part-timed at a specialty coffee shop, to improve his coffee making, brewing skills, before he’d actually opened up his own store, he’d spent, seven whole years in preparation, at the same time, he’d saved up on the money to open up a shop of his own too.

not my photo…

The very first shop he’d started, without a second thought, he’d opened it in Keelung, he said, there is a huge market for Taipei, but also, many competitions too, he’d needed to have enough capital, and that the shopfronts in Keelung are lower in rents, that he could slowly, build his own brand up.

After he’d started his coffee shop, a lot of the customers would strike up conversations with him, and that, was when he realized, that there are so many talented people around him, who specializes in drama, arts, playwrights, and that everybody has a dream to better the hometown, he’d loved giving everybody a boost, setting up his café, and for now, he may make that much more after breaking even the costs, but, he’d gained his comforts, and happiness now.

not my photo still…

So, this just still shows, how important it would be, for you, to love what you do, instead of working that job that you hated, that paid a whole lot, if you do that, you’ll end up, with a very LOW job satisfaction, and a whole lot of wages, unlike this man, having given up his higher-paying job in the city, returning back to his small hometown, and setting up a café, where he is most comfortable working, fulfilling his own dreams from day to day.


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