An Empty Seat

Hung up on an ex, translated…

She’d asked him out on a movie date, he’d agreed.  But, as they entered into the theatres, he wouldn’t sit next to her, he’d kept an empty seat between the two of them.  She’d not wanted it that way, stood up, sat on the empty seat.  Afterwards, he’d told her, that he’d received a wedding invitation from an ex, that, was why he was so distracted.  Turns out, the empty seat that was between them, his ex had sat there.  But, this empty seat can be taken by anyone, like how she’d done it today.  So, she decided, NOT to back down, and, set up a second date with him.

an empty seat 的圖片結果not my photo…

So, this woman is in for a bad run, pursuing the love she wanted, even though the man she’s with is still, somewhat hung up on his ex, she’d still not given up on this love, and this woman’s courage needed to be noted.

not my picture…


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