Waiting for the Sun to Rise, Watching Over You


As I’d Heard My Daughter Hollered Out Like a Director on Set, “It’s a Wrap!  We’ll Film the Rest on Another Day.”, My Heart Went Cold………

A Sunrise Scene

My daughter who’s a drama major on her graduation project, she’d needed a scene with the sunrise for her stage play, she’d started collecting the information on where to get the shots.  After a long time search, she’d finally settled on the Five Cent Mountain in Ruifang, Keelung.

not my artwork…

And of course, her dad became, her best chauffeur, before the shoot, we’d gone first, to scape out the place, to calculate the distance and time it took, from our home in Zhonghe to Five Cent Mountain, recorded down the markers on the light posts (as place to set up the cameras), and everything was set, we’d decided to set out, at the end of April, as the seasons changed from spring to summer, at two in the morn.

My daughter set up the equipment for shooting, and dad flipped through the maps, to map out the best way to get there, the younger sister tagged along, and I’d set up the foods, the snacks, and on the way, we’d passed through Freeway No. 3, the small town of Ruifang, exited off of Route 106, and entered into the darkness of the Five Cent Mountains, the roads became bumpier and bumpier, my  husband changed shift constantly, and, we’d bumped around inside the car, with the twists and turns of the roads, the darkness enveloped the outside world, nobody can see anything.  We didn’t even dare to breathe, with our hearts, beating faster and faster in our chests.  This deserted mountain, with the raging winds, hitting against our windows, making us even more uneasy.

not my photo…

At the shooting location, the rain and the wind got so strong that we’d had difficulties, opening up our car doors, and so, we can only, stay in the car, snacking, conversing, waiting, until light.  The light finally came, and, it was, cloudy, the clouds up in the skies became so thick, and we don’t even think about shooting the sunrise, the sun has problems, showing up today.  Dad used a high pitched voices to encourage, “it’s all right!  We come back again some other time, we will always be your back support.  Come, let’s go home!”

A few days later, our daughter told us, “I’d checked the weather predictions, we will have good weather these two days, the sunrise time is 5:25, let’s head out early tomorrow then!”

This time, I’d gotten more experienced, I’d packed up a huge pot of coffee, the bean curds, the snacks, the flashlight as well.

The car winded up the pass of the Five Cent Mountain, as we drove higher, it felt as if we were all in a dream, the stars blinked on and on in the blue skies, and there were, shooting stars that cut through the night skies from time to time too, my younger child sighed, “So beautiful, is this, the Milky Way Galaxy?”

We’d parked the car, my daughter quickly set up the tripod, placed her camera on the spot, and, kept her eyes on the clouds that were changing constantly, we’d waited alongside her, for the dawn to break.

not my photo…

The skies turned light, the galaxy, the stars slowly, disappeared, a red line spread out at the far end of the skies, and, it’d, dyed the entire sky; and, in the distance, between the mountains, there was, this small dot with golden rims, slowly, rising up, passed through the layers of clouds, became this shiny sunlight.  At five in the morn, there was no sound of people, just the birds, breaking the silence in the woods.

Made Multiple Trips Up the Mountains for the Shoot

After she arrived home, my daughter sat in front of her computer, editing the footages.  We’d sat alongside, watched and enjoyed the every changing colors of the clouds, from gray to orangy-red, bright red, golden, blue; sometimes, it’d looked like soft feathers, at other times, looking like scales on fish, and at other times, soft like cotton, and, there would be the clouds that changed places and shapes, due to the winds too, the evaporated cloud from the waterfall down below.  Being in the midst of the clouds, it was, so beautiful, we can’t take our eyes away.

After viewing her own film, my daughter said, “I don’t think it was good, I’d needed to, go up again at another time.”  What?  We have more battles on the way?

For the next few days, we’d become, this active army platoon, waiting to strike, at any time, but, my younger daughter was the first to drop out, because she has classes during the daytime, she’d stop following.  And, I, as the mom, can’t drop out, handing the hot teas, putting the scarf onto my daughter, feeding her the cookies, helping with the lights, in the darkness, so the two of them, father and daughter can, set up the heavy equipment for filming.

setting up the camera here…

Every time we’d spent hours in the mountains, either that the clouds were took thick, or there was this light drizzle, or that my daughter thought that the color wasn’t radiant enough, that the clouds hovered over the sun, there wasn’t any clouds, accompanying the sunrise…………since I was shocked by that ropelike snake skin shedding, every time I’d heard rustling from the grasses, I’d, started, freaking out; and, as I’d heard my daughter called out like a director, “That’s a wrap for now, we come back another day”, my heart would turn cold.

And, my husband behaved really relaxed, full of energy, said to her, “It’s all right, hon, you will, get that feeling that you want to achieve!”

Until as the time for her exhibition was approaching, my daughter couldn’t go out and chase the sunrise, did the alarm dissemble, and her fool-hearted parents finally, got a good night’s sleep.

On the day of her show, everybody in the family stared, at the constantly changing backdrop of the stage, the bright and shiny sunrise image came, one second, two seconds………within ten seconds, what!  It’s, already over?  And, was that, the sunrise we’d waited, for so long for?  My husband commented, “not bad!  This is exactly, the zest that she needs, being an art major!”

here’s another photo…

And so, this, is for your daughter’s graduation project, it’d allowed the whole family to spend extra time together, and, there’s nothing more important, than being with family.


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