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On dealing with one’s own broken heart, from an online blog I’m a subscriber to, in Chinese, translated, by me…

Walking Past the Upbeat and Crowded Streets

I’d Arrived at the Quieted River

And I’d Shockingly Found

That There Was, an Untouchable Sky to Me

that’s Only For Looking, But Not Touching or Getting Intimate with

Just Like What Has Already Been Lost

A Boundary I Can No Longer Cross

Sometimes, I’d Just Wanted to, Toss My Cell Phone into that River

So I Can Drown Out the Memories that Accompanied

So Everything Can Finally Die Down

Convincing Myself, that It’s Easier This Way

Passing Through that River that’s So Quiet

The Song that Suddenly Came on Had, Intoxicated Me

The Smooth-Flowing Melody, Told of, Another Different Tale

And All of a Sudden, It’d, Brought Out, a Different Sort of a Feel to This Place of Familiarity

Like How the Stars Up High, Shone So Bright, to Make Themselves Known

So We Down Here Can, See a Different Kind of Beauty

Gazing Out at This Quieted Night

It’d Dawned on Me, that You’re, No Longer Here with Me

With the Numerous Dates You Won’t Make Any More


not my photo still…

They’d, Flowed From My Eyes Uncontrollably Now

And that, Was When I Discovered, that

What I Thought No Longer Bothered Me

What I No Longer Thought I Cared About

Were Just the Surfaces that’s, Healed Up

And so, sounds like you still have a long way to go, in getting over a lost love, and, losing love takes time, but, eventually, you will, let it go, no matter how deeply connected you were to the other person, because you will realize, that by setting the other person free, allowing her/him have NO more hold onto you, is freeing yourself from the grasps of a love that’s no more…


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