The Mirror on the Trees, a Poem


At Sunrise, the Tree Was Just

Grooming Itself, from the Mirrors It’d Captured

You, Floating Across the Street, Like the Calls of the Wild Birds

And, the Narcissus Weren’t the Only Who Looked Swaying

Before Dawn Breaks

The Beautiful Shape Remained on that Distant Cloud

Where the Kisses Won’t be Able to Reach Up to

At Dawn, As You Got Out and Missed that Shiny, Swaying Mirror

The Trees Couldn’t Catch Your Instant Appearance

not my photo…

It’d Even Become, a You You’d Never Expected.

From the Reflections, You’d Accidentally, Caught a Gaze at the Hip of the Sun, That Reflected the Shier Half of Your Face

At First, You’d Thought it’d Belonged to, Someone Else

But Right Afterwards, the Trees Recognized You

With the Reflections of the Light

Everything Became Lively Again

self reflected in nature 的圖片結果not my photo still…

So, this, is the process of becoming one with nature, the narrator walked into this natural world, separated, and as s/he trekked, s/he became more and more in-tune with her/himself, and with nature too, until s/he can’t even tell where nature ends and her/himself begins.


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