not my artwork…

I’m ill, starting to see things, that I’m more than certain, that don’t really actually, exist, but I’m still, seeing them.

I’m dizzy now, can’t even, stand up straight, I feel ill in my stomach, try to puke, and, nothing comes out, so, what I’m having, is probably not physical, I suppose.

There it is again, the figure of that unknown woman that felt so familiar to me, and I can, take in her scent, it’s sort of, a sweet, spicy kinda smell, and she looked, oh so, beautiful, with her full figure, she’s perfect, the woman of my dreams.

Oh, and I also, hear someone call my name out loud so softly too, sounded like the beautiful songs of those sirens that lay on the rocks, enticing the sailors.  I know I shouldn’t be lured at all, but, I’m drawn to it, I feel the need, to hold it tight, and never let it go………

not my art still…

And this delirium is caused by?  The mind, nothing’s WRONG with your body, it’s your mind that’s playing tricks on you, don’t you see, and, you need to, SNAP out of it, or, you will, surely, get trapped by these feel-good sensations, and become completely, detached, from the reality of things!

Delirium, you don’t know when it’s comin’ on to you, but, once it’s a part of you, it’s, bound to stay, like that ghost that haunts your mind constantly, during the day when you’re awake, and in the nights, when you lay yourselves down to sleep too.

not my picture still…




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