A Man Taught English in the Distant Regions and Died in a Car Accident, His Parents Took Over His Belief and Taught English in the Distant Regions Too

Keeping their son’s dreams alive for him even after he’d passed on, translated…

A pro bono attorney, Chong-En Tien’s son was planning on heading to the distant areas in the world to teach English, but had died in a car wreck, she and her husband set up a foundation on their son’s behalf, to help him fulfill his dreams, the very first step, taking the volunteer students to Alishan Middle School on a one-month English summer camps, it’d helped the students who didn’t dare talk in English to attend the classes too.

the woman and her husbandn in Taiwan, seeing to it that their son’s dreams got fulfilled…

Chong-En Tien (Jessica Tien) immigrated to the U.S. with her parents when she was ten years old, she became an attorney to help the abused children, her son, Chase Zen is a good student with good merits, he too, was affected by his own parents, and wanted to care for the children from less fortunate areas, he’d wanted to teach them English, to broaden their views of the world.

In 2014, Chase Zen had called up a group of his good friends, he’d planned to head to South America, for his first stop to teach English to children in the distant areas, but, on the way home in September of 2014, he died in a car accident, he’d donated his organs, and gave six other people their new leases on life.

the classes encouraged the students to finally talk in English bravely now…

“My son’s dreams became like seeds, spread to all over the world, and they’re now, growing up strong.”  The shocks from her son’s sudden death impacted Tien and her husband, James Flood, as they talked about it now, they still felt overwhelmed by sadness.  The two parents turned their losses into strengths, and used their son’s name, set up a foundation, and recruited younger generations of youths as volunteers, trained them as instructors, to make their son’s dreams come true, the very first step, they’d selected was the Alishan Middle School.

Tien and her husband took along three American college students, at the end of last month, they came to Alishan, and started the one-month long summer camp, two hours every morning and afternoon, and there were movie nights and drama enactment sessions two nights out of every week.

The principal of Alishan Middle School, Lin stated, that at the very start of the summer camps, some of the students didn’t even dare say a word of English, but on their last session yesterday, the entire class spoke in English, and the students became confident in their English-speaking abilities, she’s very happy to see this huge change in her students.

Lin said, on the end-of-summer camp celebration two nights ago, as Tien saw how the student were using English in their skits, sang in English, it’s as if, she caught a glimpse of her son again, she’d cried those sad and happy tears, told the papers privately, “My son’s dreams had set up roots in Alishan now!”

So, this is parents who’d went forth with their son’s dreams, and by making this camp possible, they’re not just honoring the memories of their deceased son, they are also, passing along the values of their son’s love and his dreams, as well as his kindness to the rest of the world.


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