Being Macho is Not the Same as Being Manly

Personality profile and reflections, translated…

Location: Taidong

Name: Porcupine Poodle

Age: 20

Blood Type: A

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Occupation: Volunteer at the Prehistorical Museum

Hobby: Knitting

from the papers…

Q: Such a Punk-looking rivet!

A: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Do speak softly, as the tour guide is explaining things.

Q: So, are you, a punk rocker?

A: I just want to look more manly.

Q: but you have such a thin voice.

A: We’re in an exhibition, okay?  Where’s your sense?

Q: Why do you want to look macho?  Isn’t it hot, wearing something so thick in the summer?

A: Just because I’m shorter, does that mean, that I can’t have the right to be macho?  And, why must you feel cooler in the heat?  You want to be cool, then, head over to the prehistoric site section.

It is, a porcupine poodle all right, and, if this conversation keeps on going, then, someone will get, injured.

刺蝟 的圖片結果not my photo…

But, being MAN is a flair, not the ability to make someone angry.

Besides, someone who’s always manly in love, can get into trouble, like two people with all the prickly needles, can they even, afford to, hug?

So, do try, to take off your defenses, and understand, that this false strong front doesn’t make you manly at all, knowing what makes the other person happy, that, will make you, into, a man!

So, apparently, this tour guide needs an attitude makeover, perhaps he’d had a fight with his girlfriend or wife, that he’d carried it to work, that, was why he was easily agitated when the interviewer asked him this simple question, and, being man is not being macho, being man is showing care and concern toward those you love, and the willingness and being able to admit that one has one’s own weak moments, that, is being a M-A-N!


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