Being Understood by the Teacher…the “Bad” Student’s Original Score of Thirty Advanced to Eighty

The experiences of an instructor, after she’d realized what she can teach the students was, more, other than just what’s in the texts, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“I can edit a good textbook, but I can’t actually provide the students with what they really needed”, Shih who originally worked for a publisher of textbooks, two years ago, got involved with the Teach for Taiwan (TFT), she’d gone to the distant regions to teach, where she learned, to “comprehend what the students actually needed from you”, she’d listened to her students, accompanied by their sides, helped her students build up self-confidences, “knowing that they’re loved, that gives them the motivation to improve themselves”, the children were very encouraged, and their grades improved to eighty, from under thirty.

not my photo…

The TFT was set up back in 2013, it’d called out to the younger generations to go into the distant areas, to teach full-time for two years, to date, the program had sent out fifty-five instructors, and helped 1,500 children in the distant areas in learning.  Shih, a d nine other instructors who were the first set of instructors who’d finished the programs, shared in the forum, “What Would You Do with Luck?”.  Some of them planned to take higher level courses in education, to get certified as a formal instructor, and there are those who’d planned to stay in the schools to keep on teaching.

Shih originally worked as a proposal writer at a textbook publisher, but she’d find it hard, for her to keep doing what she was doing, she’d quitted her job, returned home to Changhwa, and went to the church close to her house to help the students with homework, she saw so many kids from broken families, and she’d begun to understand the importance of accompanying them.  So, she’d gotten trained by TFT, and went to teach at an elementary school lacking the teaching personnel at Bai-He District in Tainan.

偏鄉教育 的圖片結果a teacher who teaches for Taiwan…not my photo still.

Shih said, there are only fifty-one students in the entire school, the first years, she’d taught all the subjects, science, arts, and physical education too, and she’d also worked as the director of the choir, “I’d never been a conductor for a choir, what do I do?  The principal told me, just do it!”, she’d found, that most of the students at the school lacked self-confidence, some of the kids, before they began, they thought they would fail.

The second year, Shih became a homeroom teacher, she’d accompanied seventeen sixth graders from morning until evening, through listening, understanding, she’d helped those originally “bad” students to make a change in their behaviors and grades too, the kids became more self-confident, and marched out of the school after graduation proudly.

“The most important resource that children needs is ‘man’”, the district manager of TFT, An-Ting Liu stated, the first teachers who’d graduated from the program marked the trials and difficulties faced by at the beginning stage of the program, and, for the future, the program would need more instructors who connected, to work together, but, the focus of distant education is not just in the numbers, but the teachers who are going to be willing to, give more, to the children in these distant regions.

So, this is a great program, and, only instructors who are passionate about helping children learn to love to learn should be involved, and, this program shows, that so long as the adults are willing to put in the time and the energy to teach, the children would be more than willing to learn from you.


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