My Mother-in-Law, Who’s Seemingly Unintelligent, But is Really Wise


My husband and I are about to march into our thirty-eighth year of marriage, other than when I had my daughter, and I’d gone up north to live with my in-laws for six months, or during the holidays, or when my in-laws came to visit their grandkids, we’d never actually, stayed with them for long.

not my picture…

Since I was a young child, I’d been, a night owl, sleep late, wake up late, and, as I’d gone to my mother-in-law’s to stay, she’d never requested that I get up early to make everybody’s breakfasts, instead, it was, my mother who told me to be a more fitting daughter-in-law.  For over three decades, I’d never heard my mother-in-law say anything awful about anybody in the family, or even, her friends, let alone, gossips.  She’d not only said one strong word to me, more impressively, my father-in-law who has a temper, hadn’t a bad word to say too, I’d once joked with my mother-in-law, “Thankfully, your son didn’t inherit his father’s bad temper, otherwise, I would’ve, divorced him already.”  She’d squinted her eyes, smiled and said to me, “when your father-in-law gets angry, I’d treated his words like the winds, blowing past my ears, then, everything would be, calm again.”

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Such an amazing thought, “like a breeze, blowing past”, without a forgiving, understanding heart, one can’t look at things so lightly; besides, living in a large family is no easy feat, other than taking care of her own young, my mother-in-law had to look after my father-in-law’s older brother’s young as well, she’d loved each and every one of them as if they were her own, it’s a wonder, that the cousin-aunts would still come by to visit a lot.  My mother-in-law also didn’t mind that her older sister-in-law goes out to work, leaving ALL the household chores for her to handle, her philosophy on life was, “the moment I open my eyes, there are things that need to be done, being fed, sleeping easily, and be satisfied”, these couple of years, I’d retired from work, and whenever I’d had arguments with my husband, I’d recalled my mother-in-law’s, “breeze through my ears”.

getting along well with the in-laws 的圖片結果not my picture still…

I’m so grateful for you, to teach me all these philosophies of life.

So, this, is the daughter-in-law, learning from her mother-in-law, and the mother-in-law is wonderful, in that she’d become a role model, used her gentleness, so she’d become, a role model for her daughter-in-law.


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