To Live a Day Longer than I Would

Wanting her husband to be healthy, and, because nothing worked, this woman resorted, to “threatening” him, and it is still, for HIS own good!  Translated…

When I was younger, I’d only paid mind to my own wishes, worked hard, to surpass everybody else, wanted to reach the finishing lines first.  After forty, fifty, there are some “important people” I’d added, to my wish list.

Seven years ago, my husband had a minor stroke, that, was the very first time I’d gotten close, to death.  The assortment of conversations we’d shared, movies, news, stock and investment options, etc., etc., etc.; I’d become, more and more outgoing as I got older, he’d accompanied me all over, and even if it’s a foreign land we don’t know the languages, he’d accompanied me on my many adventures abroad too.  I can’t even imagine how my life will be without my husband, I wanted him to live on healthily, at least, live one day longer than I will.

not my photo…

I’d started with the three meals, as I shopped, I’d selected the produces that will lower his blood pressure and blood sugar; as I cooked, I’d become, really measuring of the amount of salt, of sugar I used.  And, ever since, the white toasts, the regular rice had all, become extinct in my household, we’d started eating whole grain breads, and multi-grain rice.  I’d zoomed in on my husband to take his own blood pressure day and night, remind him that he’s to take his meds, and, rushed him to bed before eleven.

You must be active if you want to live, and, I’d often gotten angry, when he didn’t exercise at the assigned times, I just hadn’t used a stick, and force him onto the treadmills.  And, as I nagged, it didn’t have any effect on him, and so, I’d joked, threatened him, “I sure as hell don’t want to bend over backwards for you when I’m older, as your maid, and your nurse.  If you don’t take good care of yourself, I just might, run off one day, with someone else, and by that time, you’d only have yourself to blame!”

with the right diets, not my photo still…

My to-do list is now harder, as I’d added, a brand new person to it, I need to, work hard, looking for that other someone now!

And, this wife IS using SARCASM, to get her husband to eat healthier, to exercise more, because she couldn’t imagine her life without him, and, if he’s not healthy, then, she can’t be happy, because they’re basically living as one, after being married for so long…


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