The Vanishing Familiarity

Things that became lost, with the advancements of technology, translated…

With the advancements of time, some people, things, slowly, disappeared, like the monthly bus pass, the lady who cut our tickets on the busses, or the typewriter that accompanied me for four years of college, they’d all become, the things of the past.  But some of the things, they are still, “healthy and well”, and, it’s, as if, they’d filed for “early retirement”, left the workforce, and stopped having their functions.

The most prevalent case would be the telephones inside the households, it’s still right there, at the most eye catching spot, on the tea stands, and next to it, there’s still a stick-it note pad, a pen, but, do you actually remember the last time the phone rang?  Yes, the interior phones are, taken over by the cell phones, you can use the cell phones for calls, for video conferences too, you can take it into the restrooms with you, you can place it, next to your pillows.  A lot of the younger generation who are out, living on their own, as they’d filled out their applications, they’d, left their home phone column blank.

what we had in the past…

Actually, what’s slowly vanishing from our lives, are more than the telephone that rang during our childhood years, perhaps, the courtesy such as, “Is this, the Tsai residence?”, is also gone as well, with the ringing sounds of the cell phones too.

and now…take your pick!

So, this, is one thing that the modern day technological advances take away from us, and yeah, we can’t live without these modern day inventions of cell phone, iPad, etc., etc., etc., but, do you, ever wonder, how much simpler life can be, if you’d just, returned to the ways of the past again?  But, we can’t, because we’d gotten so used to, living in this hi-tech age, and we need our gadgets in our hands, so we can check, slide, our cell phones, to check for updates constantly…


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