Trace These Steps…

Trace these steps, so I can figure out exactly, what went wrong, but, what good would that do?  I mean, things had already, gone, wrong, and, there’s no way, not even if you have enough force, to pull what’s wrong back, on the right track again.

…not my photo.

Trace these steps, why would there be a need for that, huh?  It’s not, as if, you will have the opportunities, to turn back the hands of time, and undo what you’d done wrong, and, tracing all these steps would only, paved out all those never-ending miles, and miles of regrets before us…

Trace these steps, there’s no point, as things that went wrong, already, went wrong, and, there’s just, NO turning back, from where we are.  We’d separated paths, you’d taken that wrong turn a long time ago, while, while I’d, stayed the course, and, that, is where we will go.

…not my photo either.

Trace these steps, trace these lines, trace whatever you want to, it still won’t change a thing between us, and, you can say your millionth, billionth sorries that you wanted to, but, it still won’t change what you’d already done wrong, as nothing IS solved, by a simple apology, it’s NOT that simple, OR easy!!!


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