The Appearance of Happiness, a Story of Love


Lucca posted a photo of a night scene at a hotel, with, “One of these days, I shall take you with me.”, and all of us, his friends knew, that it was written, for his same-sex partner, Jun-Bing.

We’d seen how watchful and attentive Lucca is toward Jun-Bing, as if he was worried about how Jun-Bing may be too tired, or have any discomforts, later on, we’d gotten to know, that because of a birth condition that Jun-Bing had, he needed dialysis regularly.  For this, Lucca felt bad about it, but, Jun-Bing took it as matter-of-fact and with an optimism about his own condition.

not my photo…

As the two of them first met, Lucca learned of Jun-Bing’s condition, but Lucca didn’t back away; not wanting to become a burden to anybody, Jun-Bing only wanted to be friends, but, Lucca’s heart and love finally, moved him.  Three days out of the week, Jun-Bing needed to go to the hospitals, and working in sales, Lucca would be his chauffeur, whenever he could find the time; and, all of this, Jun-Bing’s family took to heart, and, with Lucca, Jun-Bing has more opportunity, to get in touch with the outside world too.  Jun-Bing developed sight problems as complication of his condition, knowing that he loved nature, on the weekends, Lucca would take him into the wilderness; and if they’d gone out on movie dates, Lucca would also select seats on the first three rows.

Most people would have hesitations when they fell in love with someone with the impairments, because it’s a more serious kind of responsibility, I’d once asked Lucca, what flair does Jun-Bing has, that made him willing to, get involved, in this not at all easy relationship?  Lucca said, in someone else’s perspectives, it may look trying, but for him, he’d gained even more.  Later on, I’d had the opportunity, to eat with Jun-Bing, I’d learned what Lucca was talking about.  Jun-Bing, with a multitude of physical conditions, but his views toward life were, more than optimistic; in the meals, he’d mentioned how a friend of his from dialysis at the hospital had fallen, one day, that a day ago, he was still chatting with him, but the very next day, he’d gone, it’d hit his friends and families very unexpectedly.  Jun-Bing said, “I’m not afraid of saying goodbye, I just can’t bear to see those who loved me in pain.”  He’d chosen, to live his every day to the fullest, “because waking up is a blessing in itself.”

not my photo…

I think, it’s because of this positive attitude toward life, that Jun-Bing managed to attract Lucca, who’s somewhat of a pessimist, and, Jun-Bing’s passions for life had, moved Lucca’s heart.  Because Jing-Bing undergoes dialysis, trips abroad became a hard-to-come-true dream of his, and that, was why Lucca had, penned these words, hoping, that he could take him to see more of the world.

I think, that love knows no gender, that it’s an action, giving, not just being romantic in the verbal expressions.  On the two of them, I got a look at what happiness is.

So, we have two men who are very much in love, and, they accepted each other for one another’s flaws, everything that’s good, that’s bad, and in between, and this, is the real kind of good love that’s truly, very, difficult to find, and these two men had found it, in each other.


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