Broken & Despair

The it pair!!!

Broken and despair, they’d become, inseparable, wherever one is, the other will be, kinda like you and I…

Broken and despair, one is the cause of the other, but which one had, caused, the other?  Does it, really, matter?  Broken, I was, shattered, by you, so carelessly, I was, very fragile, and, you took me, and, shattered me, left me, in this, deep, dark hole of despair, all alone, with my unsorted through, tangled up emotions.

not my photo.

Broken and despair, well, I’d, had it with the both of you guys, I want you, OUT of my god DAMN life, so, this, is your FIVE-SECOND notice (instead of a month, like in eviction, or three weeks when you’re fired???)!

Broken and despair, those will NEVER be my adjective, because I will NEVER be broken, I will NEVER despair, even AFTER I got broken, I just, pick myself back up, and go, unlike you………

Broken and despair, can you afford to be?  How can you, afford NOT to be???

still NOT my photograph!

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