What, Did I Do Yesterday???

No, still didn’t go OUT on a DRINKING binge and wake up with a HUGE HANGOVER today, ‘k???

What, did I do yesterday???  I can’t remember, I’d not even gotten ALL my work done, believe it or don’t, which is, so totally, unlike me, ‘cuz I ALWAYS get my work done!

…not my photo.

What, did I do yesterday???  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I get it, it must be one of those days, when you can’t recall what just happened the day before, because, something’s UP with those brain cells of yours, they’re NOT lined up correct (like those ducks in a row???), and so, everything is woo-hoo, and B-L-A-H…………

What, DID I do yesterday???  I’d, WRECKED out my brains, in my MEDIAL TEMPORAL lobe (the portion of the brain, responsible for the memories???), and, I found this HUGE labyrinth, looking over it, and, I ain’t gonna get DOWN there, ‘cuz, what if I got lost in there, and can’t EVER find my way back out again?  I’d be, totally, SCREWED that’s for certain.

…not my picture.

So, I’m gonna just, let it go then, and start working already, ‘cuz, I’m already fallin’ behind, the moment I woke up today.


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