A Father with the Persistence: He’d Accompanied His Own Son to Conquer His Cerebral Palsy for Thirty-Four Years on End

The love this man has for his own handicapped son is truly amazing, from the Newspapers, translated…

His Eldest Contracted Something Just Seven Days After He Was Born, Hsu Took His Son to Physical Therapy Every Single Day, Never Gave Up on Him, and Shared the Knowledge and Experience He Has of Caring for Someone with Cerebral Palsy with the Other Families, Received the Acknowledgements from the Local Government.

徐朝宗(左)撫育腦麻兒子小綱34年,日前獲省府表揚。 圖/徐朝宗提供the man and his son at the award ceremony where he was acknowledge, photo courtesy of UDN.com

“You just can’t expect immediate progress in a handicapped child, all you can do is never give up on him.”  The sixty-one year-old mayor of Hsinchu, Hsu watched over his son with cerebral palsy for thirty-four years already, he’d received the government’s acknowledgements, being voted as a model dad, and tomorrow, he will be presented with the award of “Persistent Dad” by the city of Hsinchu.

Hsu’s eldest, “Gang”, when he was just seven days old, he was infected by an unknown bacteria, causing septicemia, he was hospitalized for nearly two months, but he suffered brain injuries, which developed into a spasmodic cerebral palsy, he now has multiple disabilities, during the daytime, he was taken to the Dawn Daycare Center for Adults in Hsinchu to be looked after.

“He was so beautiful when he was born!”, Hsu stated, and after he’d learned that his own son was “different” from the rest of the other children, he and his wife decided to take it a day at a time, took their two-months-old to be rehabilitated, as a child, Gang was weak and gotten ill a lot, he’d needed to be hospitalized once every two, three days, “Before he turned twenty, we’d once gone to the hospital twenty-six times a month, we’re, VIPS of the hospital.”

He said, in order to provide the best kind of medical care for his own son, he’d gotten up at five in the morn, and gotten on the first bus to Taipei, to see the doctor first, he’d also taken up how to rehabilitate his son, he’d provided the physical rehab for his own son, “Gang” every single day, and, he’d shared his resources and knowledge whenever he’d encountered families who has children with cerebral palsy too.

The teacher, Chen who looked after Gang for fifteen years at the Dawn Development Center, said, watching this group of children, you’d needed to do what you can, to help them keep up with the basics of living, that if they’d let it slide, then, the kids would, deteriorate, but, with the help of Gang’s father’s handmade equipment and his rehabilitating him constantly, he can now, walk on his own, walk himself home after school on his own, “Mr. Hsu truly is, an amazing dad”.

So, this, is the love of a father for his own handicapped son, he’d not given up on his child, instead, he’d worked even harder, to help his son be as normal as he possibly can, and, with the father’s hard work, the son is slowly, getting better, and this, is the story of love of a father toward his own young.


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