Everything You Didn’t Say…

Everything you didn’t say, it all came back, faster, than a mile at a time, it’d hit you, like a TON of BRICKS!!!

Everything you didn’t say, because you thought you still got time, you were misled, into believing, that you are in control, of your destiny, that nothing can hurt you, or damage you, or take the ones you love away in a split-second’s time, but, you were, DEAD wrong.

not my picture.

Everything you didn’t say, now haunts you during the day, and, became ghosts in the night when lay your heads down to sleep.  Everything you didn’t say, why didn’t you say those things that needed to be heard, or needed to, come out of your lungs, huh???

Everything you didn’t say, do you really, want to count them all?  ‘Cuz it’ll take you, forever, to count through EVERY single THING you didn’t say, and, you’ll be left, with the regrets of what might’ve been…

Everything you didn’t say?  You talkin’ to me?  Of course N-O-T, because I ain’t got the time to waste, to ruminate on the could’ves and should’ves or the would’ves of life!

…not my comic.

Everything you didn’t say, you still got time, so, say it N-O-W, you think you will have tomorrow, to get what you didn’t say today said out loud?  How can you be sure, that you are not going to get YANKED off later on tonight, huh?  You can’t be sure of that, can you?  Of course N-O-T.


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