A Marriage Proposal in the I.C.U., Fulfilling that Dream from Five Years Ago

Just look how deep this love runs, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man who works in constructing the steel shacks, Lee, five years ago, proposed to his girlfriend who was diagnosed with breast cancer, she worried that she might drag him down, so she’d turned him down, but he’d stayed by her side, took care of her; just two months ago, he was overcome with fatigue, and went into the hospital for a check up, and discovered, that he was in the terminal stage of hepatic carcinoma.  She believes, “this made them equal”, yesterday they were able to fulfill their dreams in An-Nan Hospital in Tainan, and, the medical staff, as well as their families and relatives were moved and felt awful about their marriage.

“We can finally hold hands”, in the “shrine” set up by the hospital, the bride smiled on, accepted the blessings of her children, her friends, as well as her families, but, she’d had to, withstand a great deal of pain and pressures, to give her husband this short-lived happiness they’d found in his final days; and the groom also managed to, lift up his weakened body, smiled, and slowly spoke, “Thank you all very much.”

here’s a photo of the couple, courtesy of UDN.com


The friends and relatives, as well as their children all rushed over in the morning, seeing how they newlywed held tight to one another’s hands, some couldn’t help but cry, some held back the tears, told everybody else to stop crying.  And the bride was very strong, hugged all the family members, friends, and relatives who came, and accepted the bouquet of roses, and the heart-shaped poster her children made for her.

This newly wedded couple met twenty years ago at a karaoke outing of their coworkers, they both loved to sing, it was, love at first sight; and because they both had a previous marriage, they’d cherished one another so, and were even more careful, keeping their love well.

Five years ago, the groom decided to formally propose, “to give her a rightful name”.  but, Hsu’s oncologist told her, that her breast cancer had metastasized to her limbic system, she feared that it will burden the man she loved, so she’d become, hesitant, to accept his marriage proposal.

In the five years, she’d weathered through an assortment of painstaking treatment procedures, and he stayed by her side, looked after her carefully.

This June, Lee who’d worked in manual labor fell down, he thought it was because of how he worked too hard, but, the hospital examinations showed that it was the terminal stage of hepatic carcinoma, and, his condition worsened quickly, he checked into An-Nan Hospital, but didn’t forget his promise to the woman he loved, a short while ago, he’d asked her, “marry me”, and she’d nodded yes.

After the hospital learned of their stories, it’d immediately kicked off the wedding plans, and two days ago, the families notified the workers at the land offices, to have the officials head to the hospital to witness their marriage, so they can formally become married, yesterday, with the blessings of their loved ones, their children, they were wed.

So, the couple finally, found each other, but, it was, a love that came too late, but, the couple didn’t mind, they wanted to cherish each other, with however much time they have left, to love one another, to never spend a day apart from each other again…


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