A Morning with the Typhoon Hitting, a Poem

A fight that two people had, the scales of damage, comparable, to the worst of ALL kinds of natural disasters, translated…

The Years of Love Shared

In Just One Night, All Got Blown Away

The Conflicts Had Occurred, the Voices that Sung the Songs, Vanished

Even the Typhoon Itself Wanted to Take a Detour from the Areas that Were Hit

To Get Some Breakfasts

Those Bullets that Can’t be Found and the Underwear

With the Never-Ending


At Seven O’Clock Direction

That Fountain

Splashed Weakly

from Disney’s Inside Out…

Not Daring, to Give it a Poke

The Drifting Dreams, the Broken Rotting Pieces

All Became, Too Fatigued from Life

Faced Downward

Floated Along

Above the Rising Water Level of the Dam

The Darkened Edifices, the Slanted Tree Trunks

With the Candlelight Passing by

In the Eye of the Typhoon

The Wings Broke Off from the Angels’ Widened Back Muscles

The Sorrows that Attacked in the Darkness

All, Overflowed

words of anger 的圖片結果not my words or photo…

Someone’s Kiss Was Like the Belly of a Dead Fish, Turned Upward

The Dawn’s Light, Weak

(As One Hundred Years Passed Between Us, Neither One of Us Can Make Sense of This Tsunami)

The Landslides

Became So Hushed Up

looks like he’s about to blow, doesn’t it???

So, no matter the natural disasters, even if volcanoes erupted, earthquakes came and shook up the whole world, they still pale by comparison to the damages we can do, when we’re angry at one another………


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