The Face of True Love, on Couple’s Relations


“Hello, the car’s coming up behind you, stop looking around!”, “There’s dog feces on the ground up front!  And watch out, for the pothole on the right!”  “Hey, stop reading in the car, just relax, and watch the scene go by from outside the window!” “it’s too dark, and you’re still using your cell, what’s so important that you must check your cell?  Do you not want to keep your eyesight anymore???”

I’m already, in my golden years, but my husband, to whom I’m married to for thirty-seven years still constantly reminded me of this or that, to help me avoid the imminent dangers that are coming up in my life, I’d not taken him as a nag, instead, I’d felt, more than blessed, to have someone looking out for me so.

在這些充滿挑戰的人生階段,正是老公的細心照顧和殷殷叮嚀,讓我的體況逐年改善,也讓...from the papers…

Thinking about it, my husband’s paternal love kind of “nagging” actually helped me, who’d often daydreamed and spaced out of reality, avoid many dangerous situations.  Had it not been for him there, reminding me, I would’ve gotten into some serious troubles over the years; and, had it not been how steady and stable he is, how would I have gotten the chance to relax and take the photos as I pleased, and enjoy the views completely on our trips together?

Compared to most, my health hadn’t been that well since I was younger.  As I first got married, I’d often have this lack of appetite; and after I threw my back out for the first time at the age of thirty, for a very long time, I’d had problems, sitting down; at age forty, the problem of dysautonomia, for a decade, or two, during which time, I’d become, a long-term insomniac.

In all of these stage of life, so filled up the challenges, my husband looked after me with great care, helping my health condition improve for the better, and, kept the four generations of big happy family running quite well too.

But, what I’m most grateful for was, being an only son, he’d needed to, take care of three elders himself, and, regardless of the responsibilities he has of taking care of his own parents, he’d, allowed me, to keep my mother close by.  And, although, his hard work can’t really be known, being stable and steady on the inside, he’d still used the mindset of living day to day, to do what was within his own responsibility.

not my photo…

Other than taking care of the young, a couple still had a lot of things, and, when the things piled up, there’s no way we can handle all of it, and, being under great pressure like this, it’d, caused me great stress.  But gladly, my husband, who’d put me as his top priority had, always helped me resolve the difficulties, and managed to prioritize for me, and acted as the “brake” as I’d needed him to be.  He’d often stated, “It wouldn’t hurt one bit, if you take it easy, nothing is as important as you think it to be.”

And sometimes, I can’t help but wonder, that I may be a goddess from heaven that’s come to earth, otherwise, how would I find a pen pal, in the age of my unsettlement, and, gained a good husband?  Being raised in the big cities, how could I possibly, live comfortable in a small town, in a big family, with a good marriage.

I think, it’s, because of the love my husband has for me, that, was why I was, willing to, give everything to him and his family too.

So, love is, reciprocated, because this woman felt how much her husband cherished and loved her, put her as his top priority, that, is why she’s willing to give everything to him, her love, her care and concerns, and that would be, a great marriage, because the husband used his actions to show that he loves his own wife, and the wife returned the kindness he’d treated her with back to him too.


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