Getting Rid of Traces of You

The mission I’m on, getting rid of traces of you…

I’d started, from our bedroom, ripped the sheets we’d slept together for many nights on, torn off that pillow case with my tears dried on it on some nights.

now, all I need, is that M-A-T-C-H, where, is it???

Then, I’d gone into the living room, took off EVERY single photo frame, with pictures of you, of me, of us together, looking so happy, as they’re now, only a reminder, of pain, and I’d been, in pain, for way too long already.

Next, I’d gone to the kitchen cabinets, took out that dinnerware set that your mother gave to me for our wedding day, and, I’d started, a round of, FRISBEE!  And, after all of that’s been shattered, I sat down on our couch, because, cleaning takes a LOT out of me, and, poured myself a tall glass of wine, and just, gulped it all in, in one breath!

…here it is.

I’d gone to our bedroom, into your closets, took out, ALL the clothes you left behind, placed them all, inside a cardboard box, after I’d sorted through your closets, I’d taken the box downstairs, set it outside in the patio.  Then, I’d gotten, a huge, ironclad trash can, dumped all your clothes into it, poured some gasoline on top, then, I’d, lit up that match, and started me, a bonfire I can, dance around………and that, is how I, get RID of traces of you that still remained in my life!!!  Call it, a woman’s revenge if you will, and NO, I still didn’t just get DUMPED either, believe it or don’t, do I really, care???

 and the end result…



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