The Power of Applause


At worked, I’d kept my focus, done my duties, toward the economic downturn and the instabilities, I knew that the situation of the economy is nowhere improving, so, I’d turned my attention to overseas, worked hard, to change the way the company is operated, and I’d often hauled out a suitcase, flown abroad, for my sales calls.

The busier the pace of life, it’d made me longed for a living environment without e-mail and Wi-Fi, so I can have a breather, and reflect on my own life.  And so, I’d recalled, how I’d, lived away from the world, up in the North Pole awhile back, and this thought had, led me, on the journey, to Antarctica at the end of last year alone.

not my photo…

On this itinerary of touring Antarctica, the activity that made all the tourists scared and longed for is jumping into the icy cold oceans of Antarctica, welcoming, ALL who’s got the guts, who’s unafraid, to venture in.  It’d made me recalled how I’d served in the south during my army terms, that the temperatures would drop to ten degrees Celsius, and with the units being reconstructed, there’s no hot water to shower with at night, and so, we can only, bit down hard, and, pour that icy cold water of about twenty degrees Celsius onto our bodies.

The memories had, sparked my bravery, and, it’d roused up the thought of maybe, I should, go for that challenge, and yet, that voice of reality started, sounding off inside, “You’re past fifty, no longer that young man serving in the army, you should just, head back into your room early!”, and still, the cruise played the music that got my spirit going, and, there would be the shrieks, the screams of ecstasy, of a couple of younger European and American lads, having completed the feat, it’d made my heart unsettled, and, I couldn’t help, but walk out of my suite, and give them the applause they deserved.

not my photograph…

Applauses are surely, the most powerful thing to wake up the human spirit all right.  Almost all the tourists from various nations took the challenge, fearlessly, and, as the challengers completed the tasks, their companions from the same countries would holler out for them.  And, as the activities came to an end, the shouts of hoorays slowly, dissipated, the P.A. started: the activities are about to end, is there anybody else onboard, who liked to challenge the artic?  Don’t know where I got my courage, but, I’d hollered out, “I will!”, and, the foreigners were, stunned, looking at me, for three seconds, then, they’d all, started, applauding me, loudly.

The moment my body hit the water, it was, truly, freezing cold, I’d felt, that my body had, frozen to a chunk of ice, and was about to, explode into pieces, and I’d even, accidentally, took, a gulp of the sea water from Antarctica.  And now, I can’t even recall, what the water tasted like, I just recalled, that the moment my body was out of the water, for a short while, I’d felt, even more freezing, and, started shaking, trembling all over, couldn’t even talk.  But, this also made me understood: that there’s no age and nationality differences in facing the challenges, and accepting the applauses.

So, this is, a sort of a life-changing thing that you’d done, and, because you wanted to go for the challenge, to see how it felt, to conquer your fears, of overcoming whatever, you’d, taken the leap into the freezing cold water, and maybe, you probably had a cold, but, you’d also, proven that you can challenge yourself to do anything, you’d, surpassed your own expectations there.

what may happen afterwards…


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