The Summer of Sleeping Beauty


Maybe it’s the heat, or the atmospheric pressures, the summers in Poland makes people drowsy, and we just, can’t get ourselves to have that needed energy.  Maybe, it’d been going on, for a couple of weeks on end, the thing I’d wanted to do the most after I got up in the morn, was to go back into bed again, I’d not wanted to cook, or eat, and, sitting in front of my computer, I was only able to, tap out, a few words, I can only feel more and more anxious, as I watched the day of my deadline approaches.

this is, Krakow in the summertime, photo from online…

Maybe, it’s because, the year is, half gone, and so, I’m, feeling the fatigue physically, or maybe, because I’m pregnant, with the development of natal diabetes that’s causing me to tire easily.  But, I think, that if the weather isn’t so hot, I may have more energies, or at least, be a little less, agitated.

I’d gotten (or rather, recalling because I’d never spent summers in Poland) a taste of the hypnotic summer days in Poland, I’d gotten to know, why everybody needs to go for a vacation in the summers.  Although most people are out of the city in the summers, it’s really hard, getting things done, but, if nobody goes on vacation, and, people all stayed in the offices, I’m sure, that the quality of work would be all that good either.

For me, a freelance writer, because of the heat and the sleepiness of the summers, it’d, caused my productivity to drop, it’s truly, very stressful.  I’d tried working at night, but now, I’m having more and more difficulty staying up late, so I can only give it up.  And plus, don’t know why, but there would be, insects and moths that come into the house, and fly around me, circling me while I worked, severely, attack my concentration.

I’d wanted to head out to the cafés to work, or maybe, to take a walk into town, to get relaxed, but in recent week, because the Pope came to visit, and there’s a celebratory event, the town is packed with people.  I’d hated populated places, and I’d made up my mind, on staying in for a week, to lock myself up for a week’s time.

with the heat, still rising…

But, the plans, they never catch up to the changes, although I’d not wanted to head outside, I’d still needed to go out, to go see the doctors, or, because staying in became suffocating, I’d needed to, go out to dine.  On the first day of World Youth Day, I’d made it, to the heart of the city, I felt very surprised, because the town became, without a single soul around, as peaceful and quiet, as the Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  I’d asked the kebob shop owner and the cabdriver, and I’d learned, that everybody took the advice of the mayor, headed out of town for vacation.  “The guests had all arrived, but the owners had, left the properties, hahaha.”  The cabdriver made fun of the situation.

But, starting on the second day of World Youth Day, the town became more and more crowded, most were from all around the world, singing on the streets, making it feel like the city is now, populated by soccer fans.  And, although I subconsciously felt a hint of panic (I really don’t like crowds), but I’m real glad, that the town is populated with the faces of various nationalities, and as I took my son to walk down the streets, he’d become, very excited, for seeing so many flags.

yeah, that’s EXACTLY what it feels like, not my photograph still…

At the time as the World Youth Day celebrations slowly came to an end, the residents of Krakow slowly returned back (the cabdriver stated, “the traffic’s starting to jam again!”), and, the city slowly wakes, from its summer sleep (in mid-August, the weather cools down), and I hope, that I can have, more energy, and stop living as, sleeping beauty too.

So, this would be, the effects of summer, everything is too hot, the air, too humid, and it makes you drowsy, and you just, can’t wait for the season to end, but the days of summer, it just, drags on, very slowly…


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