Wiping Your Fingerprints Off My Life

I’d taken, that polishing cloth, with some cleaning agent (don’t ask me what’s in the solution!!!), and, I’d, spritzed the agent on my life, to wipe of those dirty fingerprints you’d left…

…not my photo.

Wiping your fingerprints off my life, that meant, that I’d wanted to, sever myself from you, completely, and that, was the hard part, becoming, emotionally, detached, and, acknowledging, that the love you’d given to me, was, nothing MORE than a L-I-E!!!  But, I’m still, hanging on, to this strong feeling that you’d made me feel inside, and I can’t, sever myself off of it yet.

Wiping your fingerprints off my life, I want NO traces of your existence in my life, because all your presence ever brought was, miles, and miles, of loneliness, compounded, with insurmountable pain, and it’d, almost (but still NOT quite!!!) killed me!

fingerprints on windows 的圖片結果not my photo still…

Wiping your fingerprints off my life, I hereby, sever myself, from you, I will have, NOTHING, to do with you, and you don’t come anywhere NEAR me, or else.  Wiping your fingerprints off my life, I had, it’d taken me, more time than I thought it would, because you kept comin’ back, and touching everything in my life, leaving, your dirtied fingerprints, all over my life, and I’d just had to, wipe it all off, again, and again, and again, until, I’d placed that dust-away, film cover on my life, and ever since, my life had been, free, of your fingerprints………


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