Taking His Handicapped Friends on Hiking Trips and to Snorkel, Love without the Obstructions, They’d Made it to Everywhere

This all started with just one thought, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The fifty-one year-old, Su who owned and operated a travel agency, led tours for special people, he’d specialized in taking the handicapped members of the community on trips; a lot of the handicapped individuals were able to step outside, and gained new experiences in life, and this sort of love that they’d felt had brought the families as well as those with handicaps to tears.  Recently, Su bought the ships, to take the handicapped tourist away from the island, his compassion is dearly noted.

“Mike”, as Su was known by the handicapped tourists had worked in transportation and tourism for multiple years before, seven to eight years ago, he’d started working in the field of handicap traveling, and, his stockholders, as well all his friends all advised him against it, believed that the tourists from China are a more profitable business, but, he’d insisted.

He said, that the reason why he’d wanted to start the tours for handicapped people was because the grandmother of his friend was injured and wheelchair bound, and whenever his friends and families headed out, “it’s just hard for me to forget how lonely and disappointed the elderly woman looked”; later on, his own father fell ill, he thought, if the wheelchair users also have a chance to travel out, then, the families, along with the people with limited mobility will be happy too.  But, there’s little in this field, and so, he’d decided, that he’ll be the one that started this business from the ground up.

Su took the severely physically handicapped people to hike up the mountains, to swim in the oceans, they’d hiked up the Hehuan Mountain on tour, headed to Penghu, as well as places like Little Okinawa too, the small bus was altered, and was able to transport by the lift over eight electric wheelchairs at a time, there was also the ramp inside the bus, to be used as a bridge, a connector, as those rode out in wheelchairs are going place.

Su said, that every time he’d taken a group of handicapped individuals on tour, and although he’d set up the routes, made sure everything would flow smoothly, but, there would be accidents that came, unexpectedly.

蘇坤佑(右)經營無障礙旅遊,帶著身心障礙朋友玩遍全台,遇到障礙地形,就要抱著他們...the photo of the man who started the handicapable touring program…from UDN.com.

Five years ago, he’d led a group to Hualien to watch the whales, the ramp couldn’t connect to the boats, and so, he can only, carry the members of his tour group one by one; and, when it came time, to get a handicapped man of over two hundred pounds over, Su and another worker used every last bit of their strengths, with their legs, as a bridge between the boat and the dock, so the handicapped person won’t fall into the oceans.

As they’d gone to Hehuan Mountain, there’s not enough motor power on the electric wheelchair, so, he’d bought the rides for his travelers out of his own pocket, and, as they hiked up toward the peaks, the final forty-meter climb, he’d carried the members of his hiking party one by one, and that time, ALL eight members of the tour group all made it to the peak.

So, this man saw a need, and came up with innovative ways, to provide that need, and, it’s with his creative thought and heart, that it’d made it possible, for the handicapped people, to experience life in the wild, just like you and I can too.


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