I Loved You, Once…

I loved you, once, long ago…

I loved you, but that was, once upon a time, and this, is current day, and now, I’d, searched inside to the depth of my heart, and, I can’t find, that last, speck of love I should feel for you anymore.

I loved you, once, and, since that once that’s happened, long, long ago, I can’t bring myself, to feel, any passions about you again, and I really can’t figure out why that is, can you?  I loved you, once, and that, was more than enough, it wasn’t that your love wasn’t good enough (oh wait, who am I kiddin’???).

…not my photograph…

I loved you, once, there’s, not a single doubt in my mind that I had, loved you, for quite a while, a very, very long ago, and now, I’m, moving on, leaving any and everything in relations to you behind.  I loved you, once, and, the once that’s, already happened, is gone, in a miniscule of a nanosecond, and, a nanosecond later (which is N-O-W???) I don’t feel anything about, or for you.

It’s odd, I know, how can I love someone, so very, deeply, given my heart and soul, to a man this minute, and, take it all back the next, well, that’s just how I live my life, and, there’s nothing anybody can do ‘bout the way I’m living MY god DAMN life right here, as it is mine, and, nobody HAS a say, save for me!!!

…not my photograph


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