Versions of Me

Are we dealing, with a person with, D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder), formerly known as M.P.D. (Multiple Personality Disorder) here???

Versions of me, there are, so many I’d lost count, some versions of me, emerged from when I can’t even recall when, as a coping mechanism for what’d happened to me in my younger years, and, that part of memories, only that particular version of me knew of, and, s/he’s not sharing that with anybody else!

not my photograph…

Versions of me, how do I, cope with, so many different me’s, I mean, we’d needed to, “share” this one body, and, there are, too many of us, for just, this one body we’d come to share, to go around.  Some of us would, go for days, without having, ANY “airtime” at all…

the many versions of the “self”, not my “diagram”…

Versions of me, I’m not fragmented, not broken, nor do I have multiple personality (aka. Dissociative Identity Disorder???) disorder, there are various versions of me, and we all (me, myself, and I???) are all, getting along quite fine, and, NONE of “us” is getting one another in trouble with “our” interactions with our external environments here………


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