We Have a Super Nanny Grandpa in My House

Shocking EVERYBODY out of her/his P-A-N-T-S here!!!  Translated…

When my husband, who looked really manly announced to everybody, that he’d planned to, help raise his own grandchild, there were, shards of broken glasses scattered, all over the floors, from everybody’s glasses, perhaps, everybody else in the world, except for me, would believe, even, our normally, quieted in-law stated, “For real?”, and, what’s interesting was, my husband didn’t consider me as his “partner in crime”, had wante4d to, find a more experienced nanny to help him get the hang of it, without knowing, that by the time my grandchild comes, it’d be my time, for retirement.

Such a coincidence, the first day that my daughter-in-law returned to work from her maternity leave just so happens, as my first day as a retiree, and so, my husband can only, suck it up, and asked me to be the nanny instead.  And, although this wasn’t, a part of my, retirement plans, but, my husband wanted to care for his grandchild, and, as the grandmother, how can I, step away from that?  Especially the for the first three days, we’d taken care of the infant all day long, and my husband had already, not slept, for three consecutive days, I’d had to, help him out some during the daytime, so he could, get some rest.

And, I’d discovered, that my husband being a smoker, started, smoking even more, probably because of the all-nighters he’d had.  And so, I’d posed the ultimatum, “If you want to take care of our grandson, then, you don’t smoke”, the very next day, this “grandpa nanny” really actually went to the smoking-quitting clinic to sign up.  He, who’d never been successful at quitting smoking had finally, set his mind to it this time, he’d stood, out on the lanai, had me, taken the photo of him, smoking his “final cigarette”, to say farewell, to his long-time friend and company, for fifty years.  Ahhhhhhhhh, the power of love, truly is, amazing, isn’t it?  And, it’d only taken, one word, to make this fifty-year smoker, to turn in his smoking license.

And, after we’d only needed to look after our grandchild while my daughter-in-law worked during the daytime, it surely was, very easy.  My grandchild doesn’t cry unless something is wrong with him, and, after two months, he’d become, a little laughing Buddha, at which time, my husband had gotten even more familiarized with the standard operating procedures of taking care of an infant, he’d also, taken up the household chores he’d not done in a very long time too; seeing how with our young grandson in one arm, and operating the washing machine and making the formulas with his other hand, and how he’d taken the spare minutes, to vacuum the floors, I really don’t know if I should feel glad for him, or to, pity him?  After I’d thought hard on it, I’d hired a maid to clean up our house, after all, a man his age, shouldn’t tire himself out, and it’d, helped maintain our living environment, it’s, more than worth it.

感謝我們可愛的孫子填滿了外子的心靈和生活。 圖Swawafrom the newspapers…

Everybody who’d learned that my husband who’d never helped raised our young asked, “is it because he never took care of your kids when they were growing up, that he’d wanted to, make up for the lost time?”  “No, no, no, our two son had been bathed by their father ever since they were growing up.”, he just, loves children is all, and now, he’d felt, more than satisfied, taking care of the life of my young grandson, and, the soiled clothes that he’d changed my grandson out of, he’d washed immediately by hand, said that that way, he’ll always have clean clothes to wear.  As he was carrying our grandson around, he’d told me more than once, “I truly enjoy, this feeling of bliss and happiness!”, thankful to my cute little grandson, for filling up his grandfather’s time, that he’d not had the spare time, to get into arguments with me now, and, my retirement became easy, and I’d not needed to compromise, it’s truly, very, wonderful.

Every time I’d heard my husband telling his just-six-months-old grandson, “don’t know if grandfather will watch you grow up, but I believe, you will definitely, remember me, who loved holding you so close.”, at the time, I was moved, and, I’d also felt, that this “nanny grandpa” is, so, very cute.

So, this man wanted to spend more time with his own grandchild, fearing, that he won’t if he’d waited, and so, he’d carried the task of nannying his own grandson, and, it’d brought the relationship of him and his wife closer, because now, this man is solely focused on making his grandchild happy, he doesn’t have time, to zoom in on what his wife is doing…


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