We’re Best Pals, on Brotherly Love

Siblings putting rivalry aside, for just a little bit, translated…

My youngest son wanted that life-size Teddy Bear at the wholesale place, and I’d told him that there’s no place for it at the house, and how it would be hard, to keep it clean, turned him down, and, although he was, disappointed, he’d not made anything much more out of it.  Before bedtime, I saw my youngest, rolling around in bed, holding on to my eldest who’s three years older than he, ranted on, “life-size doll!  Life-size doll!”, and, his older brother had that look on his face, and just, softened his body, and allowed his younger brother, to play.

not my photo…

This made me recalled how once my eldest asked for a dog, and I’d turned him down that time too, and, as we got home, he’d started, “training” his own younger brother, “Sit!”, “Shake!”, and, my eldest started, training my youngest like a dog, and, my youngest was more than complying, to his older brother’s commands too, and, acted as, a very smart, and obedient dog, they had a fun time then.

I’d heard a lot of my friends, using a wide variety of reasons, and just had one child, and I’d recalled how insistent my husband, who was, an only child, planned, to have two kids.  And although the two brothers would fight on endlessly every single day, but, the brotherly love that flowed out when we least expected, had moved my husband and I very much.

not my photo still…

So, this kid and his younger brother got along very well, and, they’d still fought over things from time to time, but, they’re also, each other’s best friend, and constant companion growing up.


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