Reason for Being a Tree


As a Tree, then, You Must Have a Reason to be Tall in Your Lives

That Way, You’d Have the Fate of Entering the Team to Play Ball Against the Sun!

Even If You Were a Pine from Huangshan, You’d Needed to Grow Sideways First, Before You Grow Tall

not my photo…

See What the Birds See First

Naturally, You’re Wanting to, Break Through This Glass to See What World the Outside Has in Store

Waiting for the Food, the Appetizers, nor the Leftovers Either………

Why Must I Wait, with This Huge Jar Over My Head?  You’d Stood So Tall and Proud, Inside that Glass Room

the growths of trees…

Even If It Were the Cows, or the Sheep, They Wouldn’t Want to Wait Like You, So Proudly, Inside Your Glass Dome!

And so, You’d Wanted to, Be Something Else!

So, you don’t want to be a tree after all, because although, you get to grow to the heights that nobody can possibly reach up to, you can’t move, like those critters, and, those animals that are, running on your body are, a hell of a lot freer than you would be!


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