My Life as a Shadow…

I’d been living my life as a shadow, people may not be aware of my existence, but oh, I’m, there all right!!!

Living as a shadow, well, it ain’t NO easy thing, because you get passed through, passed up, and pass by a lot, like that job promotion I’d worked so hard for, I got passed up, ‘cuz the boss couldn’t see me!

being invisible 的圖片結果not my photo…

And, there’s that time that someone just, walked across me, without giving me a single thought, and I could see by the way they looked as they walked passed me, that I don’t matter.  Soon enough, I’d started, defining my self, based off of how others are relating to me, and, it’d been really difficult, ‘cuz they all, ignored me, and walked right through me, and that made me feel hurt.

My life as a shadow, well, I don’t want to be a shadow anymore, getting ignored, overlooked, passed up, passed by, like I don’t matter to nobody out there.  Well, maybe, I don’t matter to NOBODY out there, but there’s at least this person I’m mattering to, ME!!!

So yeah, this, is where my life as a shadow, ends!!!

 becoming a ghost here…


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