A C.E.O. of a Garage with Only an Elementary School Education, Earned His Doctorate at the Age of Seventy-Three

This just shows, that if you worked hard, you can achieve anything, NO matter how old you are, the beliefs of a man, from the Newspapers, translated…

The seventy-four year-old Lin was born into a poverty-stricken home front, after he’d graduated from elementary school, he’d started working as a mechanic at a garage, and now, he’s the C.E.O. of Chuang-Hua Car Industries, eight years ago, he’d returned back to school to work on his doctorate, and last year, he’d successfully, earned his doctorate, became the eldest doctoral degree holder from the mechanics department in the university.

Lin’s father passed away young, his mother had to take care of the family of five, he was the eldest son, after elementary school, he’d gone to Taipei, to learn auto repair, and worked hard all the way, until he’d made a name and established a good reputation for himself in business, set up an auto parts company.

高齡74歲的林啟同(右),日前回母校祝賀曾經擔任他教授的馮展華(左)榮升中正大學...the man on the right is the person this newspaper article is about…

By age thirty, Lin’s career is on the rise, he thought he wasn’t educated enough, decided to go back to school again, he’d started at the middle and high school departments, to getting his community college education, his master’s degree, then, his doctorate too.

“Having to handle my career and my coursework was the hardest thing I ever did!”, Lin stated, that as he was going to study in the mechanical engineering department of Zhongzhen University, he’d always gone to bed, later than two in the morn.

As Lin received his community college degree, he was, already sixty, then, he’d earned his master’s, and at age sixty-four, he’d gotten into the EMBA program of Chiayi University, and was asked by Zhongzhen University, to take up the role of coursework planner, the counselor for the developments of careers, and at sixty-six, he’d finally, gotten in, to the doctoral program at the mechanical engineering department of Zhongzhen University.

it’s never too late to start working toward your dreams, no matter how old you may be!  not my photograph…

The school told, that Lin was older, plus, there was a need for real-life experiences for the mechanical engineering department, it’d caused Lin to drop out for a year and a half, and in the encouragement of his advising professor, he’d finally, returned, back to school, last year, he’d earned his doctorate, and he was already seventy-three years old.

“If we don’t change with the times, then, we will, get eliminated by it immediately,” Lin said, that learning was like the dual tracks of the trains, you can’t have only one, he’d worked in the auto repair realm, he’d also taken up the role of being the primary car examiner of the car safety for the nation’s regulatory codes, he’d felt, that learning constantly, making oneself add on the knowledge base is extremely important in life.

So, despite how this man started in life, he’d worked hard, established himself in business, and, he took the attitudes he had of conducting business, and worked hard in his studies, which was how he was able to, achieve what he already did, and this still just shows, that it’s, never too late to live one’s dreams!




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