Caged, by Your Lies

I was, caged, by your lies, and I went into that gilded cage, willingly too, if you can believe it!

not my art.

Caged, by your lies, your lies made me feel so loved, so safe, which was something I’d never felt before with anybody else, including my own blood relatives, so, you can imagine, how hard I’d, longed for, that intimate (not in that way!!!) connection I thought I’d found in you…

Caged, by your lies, and, your lies got more and more colorful by the day, they’d, progressed from those little white ones, into shades of darkness, and, they’re all now, pounding on me, suffocating me more and more, with the passing of, every single second.

still not my art!

Caged, by your lies, I will never break free, because, I didn’t know, that I’m the one, with the right keys that unlocked this cage, made of your lies, that I’m the only one who can free myself, from your lies.  I just, can’t get it all, figured out, for some reasons, perhaps, it’s the love I thought we’d shared that’s leading me on, keeping me, hanging on, that thin, thin, thread that’s, about to break, making me fall, into the depth, of the abyss of your love???  I really can’t tell here………


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