Black Tea, a Short Prose

Reflecting on their relationship, through a cup of steeped tea here, translated…

“This cup of black tea you’d made for me is so bitter, can you hand me some sugar?”

what the love looked like…

“That’s because you’d kept the teabag in for too long!  Stop bugging me with all these smaller matters in life!”, after that, he’d turned around, and went to work on what he thought was important to him.

so delicate, just like how love used to be…

And she thought, that she’d spent, too long, right there, beside him.

So, that just shows, how no matter how good the love the two of you shared had been, your relationship will become that oversteeped cup of tea, it’ll turn bitter, and, before you know it, you will be having difficulties, swallowing it down!







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