Her Inferiority Complex that Got Between Them

Her, having caught his attention, it was, the MOST unbelievable thing to her, he was WAY (and I mean, W-A-Y!!!) out of HER league, so much better than she ever will be.

But, he was the one, who professed his love to her, that’s set her emotions into motion.  And, as they started dating, she started seeing her own faults.  He is, so perfect, so loving, with absolutely NO flaws that she can possibly find.

not my photo.

And so, why would a perfect man like that ever love someone like me, she thought.  The more she thought on it, the more troubled she’d become, not knowing, that her own wayward belief system, was tilting the balances of her relationship with him.

The more he showed that he loved her, the guiltier she’d felt, because she felt, that he deserved more than her!  And, slowly, her own inferiority complex had, gotten in the way of love.  not my statement.

And one day, he finally confronted her, she was, waiting in the living room, for him to come home, and, the moment she’d heard the key turning, she’d become, like that puppy that waited for an entire day, to see the owner come home.  As he walked in, before he took his dress shoes off, she’d already, handed him his pair of slippers.

At supper, they sat across from one another, and, she couldn’t, take her eyes off of him, he’s so perfect, but, her, gawking at him had, made him anxious somewhat.  He’d started asking her, what’s wrong?  She said nothing.

not my sketch.

And, as the days drew on and on, her inferiority complex grew and grew, too gigantic, enormous size, too big now, for him, to see her as a person, and now, all he feels, when he’s with her, was that strong sense of guilt.

So, they broke up, and, looks like, she’d proven herself right, he was, too good for her, after all………


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