A Man Fell Down the Stairs and Became Brain Damaged, with One Eye, He’d Earned His Doctorate

This man had, beaten the ODDS in his own life, from the Newspapers, translated…

The Assistant Professor of Donghua University, Yeh who’d suffered visual and language cortex damages due to a fall down the stairs when he was very young can only read with his left eye, but he’d not given up, used his stamina, read with just his one eye, and earned a doctorate, and, his plays had won the acclaims too, he’d suggested the freshmen entering into college, to “have a different way of thought, so you can have a different kind of spark in life.”

葉吉書(左三)曾患失語症、閱讀要靠左眼,然多年來一直在學校,持續用教育翻轉台灣,...the professor is the one, holdingi the banner…with his students…

The thirty-six year-old Tsai works as an American Lit assistant professor, at the age of two years old, he’d fallen down the stairs and had damages in his left hemisphere, the doctor diagnosed him as aphasia, with the optical nerves in his right eye damaged too, he lost control over the right side of his body as well, his parents took him to sing those nursery rhymes, and got him into music, and, finally at the age of three, he’d, learned to speak again.

Yeh was almost completely blind from his right eye, and only relied on his left eye to live, but, it’d never stopped him from learning, after he’d graduated from the foreign language department of Donghua University, he’d completed his graduate studies in Boston and Clemente University, earned his doctorate, and crossed over to the areas of counseling psychology and media and film research.

Yeh said, when he was younger and learning to talk, he would misplace the adjectives, the nouns, became the laughing stock, and after he’d started in Zhudong Elementary School, the teacher used speech classes, to help the students tell stories, make up the tales, it’d sparked his interest in language, and, in the summers and winters off, he’d pulled along his loved ones, to write scripts in English and acting, to recording and broadcasting, he’d found his interest.

東華大學助理教授葉吉書,從小只能仰賴左眼閱讀,但不放棄的精神讓他用「一隻眼」拿到...sharing a wonderful time with a graduating student…photo courtesy of UDN.com

Last year, Yeh’s “The Miracle Archives” had won him a nomination of short film in Caans Film Festival in 2015, this year, his short film, “Titanium” won the best film award in Bonita Springs International Film Festival and the thirteenth Siouxland Film Festival and Maryland International Film Festival, the script was originally written by Yeh himself too.

Yeh said, from when he was in school, he’d done awfully in mathematics, but, he’d found his interests in other subjects, he’d encourage his students, to take electives from other departments, to find their different ways of thinking, so they can make their lives more colorful.

So, this man became, an example of what hard work can do, despite his losing one eye, he’d not gotten beaten down, instead, he’d, worked even harder, and, strived for excellence, and, his hard work is noted now.


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