No News

Hadn’t heard from you in days, I suppose that’s a good thing, as you never call me, unless something’s up, and so, I guess, I should be, enjoying, this no phone-call time from you then…

not my photograph.

But, I feel, somewhat, worried, unsettled, and yet, my mind is trying, to calm me down, by keep on telling me, again, and again, it’s good news when you hear no news from him, but, how can you be so sure, mind?  I just know it!

Remember how he always calls you up, when he gets in a jam?  Well, that’s what he’d done, since the very beginning when the two of you started together…so, you’re saying, that I should, DUMP his sorry ass?  No, I’m just saying, that you should, enjoy this momentary silence from him.

not my comic.

And, don’t jump to the next move, you don’t know what’s coming, what you will be getting may not be as good as what you have now, so, just, hang on a bit longer, see what happens next………

No news, IS good news, and, I’m certain, that if someone you know and loved died, someone will surely CALL you to let you know.  So, no news is fine…………

no news 的圖片結果…not my news station footage here.


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