The Best Friends’ Relationship Evolved After One Marries

The growth of a woman, translated…

Sunday morning, I took my kids out, to go and hang out with their favorite, “Auntie Yo-Yung”.

Yo-Yung is my best friend, mild tempered, good in the kitchen, every time we’d gone to her place for a short visit, my kids not only had the chance to savor her cooking, and they’d clung onto her tightly, mixing the dough, kneading the dough with her, making a huge mess.  And the key point was that Yo-Yung always wore her radiant smile, and, allowed my kids to exercise their rights to be naughty, even joined them in play too.  In my children’s minds, Auntie Yo-Yung’s house was, a great amusement park, not to mention, how they might get a peek at her four cats that may appear, for only a few seconds of time there.  For me, being able to let loose my two little creatures, and catching up with my good friend, is a great thing; and so, every now and then, the three of us, mother and children would, go to her place, to make a huge mess.

not my photo…

It’s funny, Yo-Yun and I became friends because of our mothers.  It’s, as if they’d, agreed, to get pregnant at around the same time, so, we were, destined to be each other’s first friend.

Ever since when we were both younger, our lives overlapped, we’d gone out traveling together, dined out together, and, naturally, we’d had our birthdays to celebrate together too, and, everybody believed, that we were, the best of friends, and, we’d both, accepted this sisterhood too.  But, with the coming of age, I’d slowly found, that we have, differences, and I couldn’t help but wondered, if our mothers weren’t friends, what, would be there, between the two of us then?

not my photograph…

And still, after I’d had two sticky children after I married, every time I am able, Yo-Yun would open her doors wide to welcome us in, and, every time I saw how she’d baked the cookies, the cakes, and, given up her dearly beloved kitties, to be used as my children’s stuffed animals, I was filled with more gratitude than ever.  Actually, Yo-Yung didn’t especially love children, she just gave my kids unconditional love, only because, they were mine, and all of a sudden, I’d, come to understand, that Yo-Yung never cared if we’re alike or not, what she looked upon was the over twenty-years’ worth of shared emotions that we had together.

I’d once thought, that being married will take me away from my best friend, but, unexpectedly, my kids had, gotten me to know my best friend for over twenty-years again.  So, marriage doesn’t necessarily mean an end to a friendship, so long as we’re willing, to save a part of our hearts for that certain someone, the love we have for one another will be changed, into the many different faces.

best friends through the passages of life, not my photo…

So, this is the closeness of girlfriends, the two of you were best of friends since you were very young, and now, although your friend is still single and you have two kids, the two of you are still close as ever, and you’d realized, that because the different paths in life the two of you had traveled on, doesn’t mean that there needs to be distance between the two of you, who were originally best friends in childhood…


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