The Magical Forest

How would you know, that the forest isn’t dangerous?  I mean, there are, wild beasts living there, right?  What made you deduce, that the forest is a magical place?  Did you see those fairies?  Are you sure, you’re not, HALLUCINATING???

The magical forest, yeah, that’s what you’d like to think, isn’t it?  That the forest is a great place, to escape from your reality, and that, is why it’s so, magical, because it takes you away, from the demands that reality is making of you.

…not my picture.

The magical forest, well, there are, those cute little rabbits, birds of all kinds, and perhaps, the reason why the forest is so magical, is because NO man (human???) had ever been in there, man hadn’t trampled everything down, destroyed everything yet, but, it won’t be long, until man finds this heaven on earth, and, destroy that too!!!

The magical forest, you can’t be there, it’s off-limits to you, because only the untainted, undamaged people are allowed to hang out in there, and you’d already been, damaged, and tainted, haven’t you?  So, you’re NOT welcome here, now, G-E-T!

…not my picture still.


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