Part-Timing in the Summers to Visit, Seeing the Bottom Layers of Pingdong

A program sponsored by the local government, from the Newspapers, translated…

The Pingdong County Government is providing 354 part-timing opportunities for the summer time, encouraging the students to get involved in public affairs, there were college students who’d gone to the distant regions and visited nearly two thousand elderly who live along, to push forth the long-term care programs, and there were students from college who volunteered in sorting out the histories of physical education in Pingdong, to get to know the participants of the Summer Olympics in Rio, the part-time opportunities carried a ton of different things you can sign up for.

not my comic.

As the county governor, Pan started working in office, he’d worked hard, to push to change the contents of the part-time opportunities, changed the pasts’ sweeping up the offices, delivery of the documents. He’d asked the various offices to come up with more different opportunities for part-time, to allow the students to get hands-on experiences in government, for them to get to know their hometowns better.

Yesterday, was the results’ show, Ding and Dong who live in Mudan, visited nearly two hundred elderly people in the nearby tribal regions, used a questionnaire, to understand the elderly’s needs, and push forth the policies in long-term care.  Ding said, after actually getting into the community, did she learn of the needs of the tribes.

a group of students, volunteering…not my photograph…

And, the college students, Hong, Chen, Chen, and Lee started archiving the documents for the local office of the Department of Education, help set up the kinesiology data for the county of Pingdong.  Other than visiting the famous teams, like the soccer teams in Nei-Shih, Muling, the junior baseball team of Hengchun Middle School, and they’d even collected the students who participated in the Olympics this year too, they said, “The more we got into it, the more we felt, that there’s so much to tell others about Pingdong”.

And so, this, is a great program, getting the college students involved, in pushing forth the goings on of the local counties, and by getting into the programs that the counties offered, the students got a firsthand look at how things worked, and, they were also able to, have an enriching summer.


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