When Her Daughter Starts to Date Someone the Family Doesn’t Approve of


My younger cousin recently started working as a private investigator.

This, was what happened, my cousin’s daughter, Y is very beautiful, with a lot of suitors, but, she’d given her heart to a male colleague, X, X lives in the southern regions, his parents were representatives of their town, and would get on the news every now and then, seemingly, a good family, plus X is very gentle and kind toward Y, would take her to work and pick her up afterwards.

My younger cousin who’d had a failed marriage, was into finding a good man with a good family background and everything for her daughter, Y’s older schoolmate from college is from a rich family, his family has properties in Taiwan and in Japan, my cousin worked really hard, to get the two of them together, but, her daughter wasn’t into the man, and so, she could only, give it up, and, seeing how now her daughter is in love, she’d started, a series of investigative actions.

After she’d gotten the address of where X lives, my cousin had a realtor with her, gone to the southern regions, to look at the properties and to assess the prices; but, her heart went cold after she’d looked, X’s house was in the alleys, like an old abandoned rundown shack, with a sky-high pile of junk out back, the realtor told her, that the property isn’t even worth a million dollars.  But my cousins wasn’t wavered one bit, she’d had people asking around, turns out, that the man only has this property, and no other set assets.

She’d once carried her ex’s debts after the divorce, chased after by money, she’d still lived in her fears, she’d worked hard, to stop her own daughter from dating the man, the mother and daughter started getting angered at one another a lot.

Until my cousin’s husband told her a story, then, she’d finally, loosened up.  My cousin’s husband’s niece, shortly after she graduated college, started dating a Japanese restaurant owner, the man has great cooking skills, his shop was filled up every single day, he’d made a lot of money, but the man’s family was operating an underground loan services, my cousin’s husband was against it, but, the two of them were very in love, and no matter what her parents did, they can deter her, and in the end, my cousin and her husband can only agree that their daughter dates this guy, but made a pact with their daughter, that she can’t marry before she was twenty-eight years old; and my cousin’s husband said humorously, the family would pray each and every day, that the two of them would break up amicably, and naturally, a year later, they’d, split up.

After my cousin heard, she’d started giggling, and not prevented her daughter from dating X, and, the relationship between her and her daughter improved, she’d told me, that she’d, prayed, every single day now too.

So, just let love run its course, because if it’s meant to be, then, it will happen, whether or NOT you parents want it to, so, why not just relax, let your kids make their own mistakes in love, so long it’s not deadly (i.e. involved with an abusive man!), and just let your kids figure out which kinds of love is right for them.


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