A Fool, with a Memory…

He’s a fool, with a memory, he’s trying to desperately get rid of but can’t, it’s a memory of her, of them, of their better times together…

A fool, with a memory, he’d run, into that labyrinth, took one too many wrong turns, and now, he’s, stuck, in the labyrinth of his own memories, and, everywhere he’d looked, the “ghost” of her is right there, as he reached out to her, she’d, vanished, into thin air, just, disappeared, like she wasn’t even there in the first place.

haunted by the memories 的圖片結果…not my photograph.

A fool, with a memory, that, is what he’s destined to be now, after he’d broken up a good love, a good home, he still went down that wrong path, after she’d, forgiven him again, and again, and again, and she’d had it with him, kicked him out, and now, he’s nothing more than a fool, with a memory, of the good life that they used to share…………

A fool with a memory, this, is what you’ll always be, you’ll always remember me, the GHOST that’s now, plaguing your mind, and, NO form of EXORCISM will rid you of me, I can’t be gone from your mind, and, I’d, found my permanent place of residence, in that deepest, darkest parts of your, unconscious mind…

…not my picture.

You are now, and will forever BE, a fool with a memory, and, this, is one memory that you will NEVER get to exorcise, even IF you go to one of those Catholic priests that knew how to perform exorcisms, and, it still won’t be the memory of ME that’s haunting you, it’d be a “collective” memory of all the people you’d hurt, murdered, including ALL your offspring, the ones that should’ve made, but never, because you’d MURDERED us A-L-L!!!


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